Oracle Java SE and Java SE Embedded have been at the core of many applications and systems worldwide due to their robustness, flexibility, and performance. However, vulnerabilities in these platforms could put numerous applications and systems at risk. One such undisclosed vulnerability falls under CVE-2014-0446. This vulnerability exists in Oracle Java SE 5.u61, 6u71, 7u51, 8, and Java SE Embedded 7u51, potentially affecting millions of devices and systems.

The vulnerability allows remote attackers to exploit confidentiality, integrity, and availability through unknown vectors related to libraries. The severity of the vulnerability has prompted Oracle to release a security patch covering the affected versions.

Exploit Details

The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) is a source for publicly known information about security vulnerabilities and exposures. CVE-2014-0446 refers to an unspecified vulnerability in Oracle Java SE and Java SE Embedded Libraries. The lack of information about its root cause makes it even more critical for users to apply the security patch from Oracle.

Due to the undisclosed nature of the vulnerability, little is known about how it is exploited. However, one can surmise that an attacker would use a crafted Java application or applet, exploiting the vulnerability in Java libraries to gain unauthorized access to confidential information, tamper with data integrity, or disrupt the availability of the target application.

To get an idea of what exploiting this vulnerability might look like, we can examine a general-purpose code snippet:

import java.applet.*
import java.awt.*

public class CVE-2014-0446_Exploit extends Applet
  public void paint(Graphics g)
      String libName = "..."; // Library name containing the vulnerability
      PrivilegedAction action = new LoadLibraryAction(libName);

      // Perform malicious actions exploiting vulnerability
    catch (Exception e)
      g.drawString("Exploit failed: " + e.toString(), 10, 10);

Specific functions and methods in the Java libraries are also likely to be involved in the exploitation process. As a Java developer or administrator, it is crucial to stay on top of security updates and research to protect your applications and systems.

Original References

As the vulnerability is categorized as undisclosed, most of the information is not available to the wider public. Thus, preventing attackers from taking advantage of it. However, we encourage you to stay updated by visiting the following relevant pages:

1. Oracle Java SE Critical Patch Update:
2. CVE-2014-0446 Entry by National Vulnerability Database:


CVE-2014-0446 represents an unspecified vulnerability in Oracle Java SE and Java SE Embedded Libraries, which can lead to severe consequences, including confidentiality, integrity, and availability compromises. Due to the undisclosed nature of the vulnerability, Java developers and administrators should apply Oracle's security patch as soon as possible to safeguard their applications and systems.

It is crucial for developers and IT professionals to be vigilant in keeping track of such vulnerabilities in third-party software and deploying appropriate security patches quickly. The developers of applications and systems using Java should always be attentive to any updates, security announcements, and analysis related to the programming language. By doing so, they can protect their assets from exploitation and minimize potential risks.


Published on: 04/16/2014 00:55:24 UTC
Last modified on: 05/13/2022 14:57:20 UTC