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If a candidate withdraws from the hiring process, it will result in a candidate no-match. This can be resolved by conducting a comprehensive review of the candidate’s profile to determine if there are any issues that may have resulted in the candidate being withdrawn. This may include checking with the candidate’s previous employer or contracting team to ensure that there were no issues that resulted in the candidate being withdrawn.

Check if the candidate has any open or pending offers

Candidates who are no-matched may have open or pending offers.
If a candidate has an open offer, the candidate may not be willing to take the job if it is not in their desired location or if they feel that the job is too similar to their current position. If this is the case, you can ask the candidate why they are no-matching and see what they might accept.
If there is an offer pending, it could be due to one of a few reasons. It could also be that the offers are still being evaluated and will be made official soon. If this is the case, make sure you ask the candidate when they expect to hear back about their offer.
Checking with previous employers or contracting teams will enable you to avoid hiring someone who may already have been rejected by another company for any number of reasons.

How do you know if a candidate is no-showing?

When a candidate no-shows, they are not obligated to submit their profile. If a candidate has been no-showing on multiple rounds of the hiring process, it is important to conduct a comprehensive review of their profile in order to determine if there were any issues with the candidate that may have contributed to their withdrawal. This usually takes place after the candidate has been eliminated from rounds of the hiring process.
A candidate may also be designated as a no-show when they have not completed all required steps for an open role.

Assign a Job Opening to a Recruiter

If a candidate has been withdrawn and you want to assign the job opening to a new recruiter, a best practice is to assign the job opening to the most recent recruiter that has worked with the candidate. Recruiters who have worked with this specific candidate will know how they were withdrawn from the process and what may have happened that cause them to be withdrawn.

Issue: Candidate’s resume does not match current job requirements

Although it may seem obvious, in some cases a candidate’s resume does not match the job requirements. For instance, if you were to review the candidate’s resume and determine that they do not have the required certifications or experience, you can notify them of this and ask that they submit updated information.
If there is no updated information received, then you will notify the candidate via email with instructions as to how to proceed. If the candidate has been withdrawn from your hiring process, then there is nothing more that can be done to resolve this issue unless they decide to come back into the process.

What is a new candidate mismatch?

A new candidate mismatch is a situation where the applicant’s profile information does not match the information on file with the contracting team. For example, if you have an applicant named Jennifer Smith who has her profile on file and they are doing their application process and because of something that somebody else did, they are no longer eligible to be considered for your position. If their name was changed or they were listed as deceased, then that would be an example of a new candidate mismatch.
There may also be a new candidate mismatch when the applicant has been posted in an error message or in a status that indicates that they are ineligible to be considered for consideration for your position.

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