It is recommended to disable the SCIM feature in the GitLab SCIM settings. If you are unable to disable the feature, you should ensure that the email used for sign-in is not used for any other purpose and that there is no password in that email. It is also recommended to change the password for any other accounts using the same email. When group SAML SSO is enabled, the SCIM feature must be enabled for the group in order for it to be vulnerable.

Authentication bypass vulnerability - CVE-2016-2634

How to prevent this vulnerability
Ensure SAML SSO group is not enabled.

GitLab CVEs

If you are using GitLab, you are affected by a number of vulnerabilities that have been fixed. GitLab has released the following CVEs:
This vulnerability is related to the SCIM feature and allows for an attacker to gain access to any account with a password on Gitlab. The vulnerability allows for anyone to get an administrator account as long as they know the username, email address, and password of an existing user. It is recommended that you disable the SCIM feature in the settings when possible. If this cannot be done, it is recommended to change the password for any other accounts using the same email or change your password from your original email if you were using it. If a group SAML SSO is enabled for your organization, be sure that SCIM is enabled for the group and members of that group will be vulnerable.
This vulnerability addresses how certain users are able to impersonate other users through their personal information if they know their email address. It is recommended that you change passwords from your original email address if possible.


Published on: 06/06/2022 18:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 06/17/2022 15:09:00 UTC