This is a common mistake which developers make while working on the code. There are certain rules while using commands in GitHub repository and these rules do not change with new versions. So, it is always recommended to follow these rules while using any command. In this example, we have used truesk command instead of true command. So, the output of this command will be true instead of false. This is the correct usage of command and it will always give you the correct output. You might have come across this issue while working on a project and did not know what is causing it. So, let us understand what is causing this issue and how to resolve it. This issue can be fixed by updating the code in the repository.

Why is the command not working?

On the command line, some commands are abbreviated. For example, git is often used instead of git-repo. However, this does not affect the command itself and you can always run the full command with no problem.
In this case, truesk did not work in our project because it was being run as an abbreviation for true or t. So, if you typed in truesk instead of true then it will give you a false result. This was not a mistake on the developer’s part, but rather the browser’s way to prevent running scripts that might be malicious code.

Basics of a Working Git Repository

A working Git repository has two parts: a .git directory and a .git/index file. The .git directory contains two types of files, which are called "objects":
1) metadata about the project (name, description, etc.)
2) actual project code.
The index file is just the list of all these objects in the repository. You can create new files or delete old ones by using commands like touch, cat, and rm in your terminal window. You can also use git add and git commit to add new files or changes to existing ones and then send them back to GitHub for sharing or publishing later. Alternatively, you could copy the whole project into a different folder on your machine so that it can be cloned locally and then edited as needed to make changes.


Published on: 05/31/2022 23:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 06/14/2022 18:24:00 UTC