An attacker could also convince a user to install a malicious extension, thus potentially compromising the user's system. After the user interacted with a maliciously installed extension, such as by clicking on a link, viewed a malicious site, or installed a malicious extension, the browser could potentially experience a crash or hang, leading to a potential exploit. This issue has been addressed by removing the vulnerable code. In the case of a malicious extension, this issue would not occur.

CVE-2018-6083 In Google Chrome prior to 103.0.5060.154, when a user signs into an application with a saved account, an attacker could potentially exploit a cross-origin information leak via a maliciously crafted URL.

CVE-2018-6081 In Google Chrome prior to 103.0.5060.154, when an HTML element's `clip` property is set to a value other than `auto`, an out of bounds read occurs during selection of text, leading to information disclosure.

CVE-2018-6080 In Google Chrome prior to 103.0.5060.154, when a malformed MP3 file is loaded, a buffer overflow occurs, resulting in a potentially exploitable crash.

CVE-2018-6079 In Google Chrome prior to 103.0.5060.154, when the client certificate for a server response is not valid, a certificate validation bypass occurs, leading to a potentially exploitable security vulnerability.



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