This vulnerability is being actively exploited in the wild. It has been assigned the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures rating of CVE-2018-6147. Microsoft received information about this vulnerability through partner channels on May 16, 2018. On May 23, 2018, Microsoft issued a security advisory about this vulnerability. Exploitation of this vulnerability requires remote code execution. An attacker does not have to force user interaction or trick the user into clicking a malicious link. In the scenario of an online advertisement campaign, an attacker can host a specially crafted website and leverage browser-based vulnerabilities to advantage of an unsuspecting user. An attacker can also leverage socially-engineering attacks, such as phishing, to trick users and gain access to information.

What Microsoft releases in its security update? Microsoft releases its security updates via Windows Update and via the Microsoft Update Catalog website. It is recommended that users configure Windows to automatically install the updates via Windows Update.

How to protect systems from cyber attacks?

Microsoft recommends that users follow the security best practices outlined in Windows 10 Security Center.
To provide protection from cyber attacks, Microsoft recommends users follow the following best practices:
- Follow the guidance in Microsoft’s Security Intelligence Report.
- Configure your device for automatic updates to ensure your device is protected the moment an update becomes available.
- Make sure your device has all the latest updates installed and configured.
- Enable Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection on all systems and its cloud service (Windows Defender ATP) to detect and block new zero-day exploits before they can be launched against you system or network.

Windows Update

Windows Update is a client operating system service that notifies the user if a new update is available for Microsoft Windows, and downloads and installs updates from Microsoft or a trusted source. The service can automatically download updates without prompting the user. It is also possible to configure Windows Update to automatically check for updates on a schedule, which allows users to set more control over when they are notified of new updates.


Published on: 01/11/2022 21:15:00 UTC
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