The update is available immediately via auto-update. If you cannot update your devices manually, please contact your equipment provider to update the firmware. Vulnerable versions: ArubaOS-Switch 15.xx.xxxx: All versions; ArubaOS-Switch 16.01.xxxx: All versions; ArubaOS-Switch 16.02.xxxx: K.16.02.0033 and below; ArubaOS-Switch 16.03.xxxx: All versions; ArubaOS-Switch 16.04.xxxx: All versions; ArubaOS-Switch 16.05.xxxx: All versions; ArubaOS-Switch 16.06.xxxx: All versions; ArubaOS-Switch 16.07.xxxx: All versions; ArubaOS-Switch 16.08.xxxx: All versions; ArubaOS-Switch 16.09.xxxx: All versions; ArubaOS-Switch 16.10.xxxx: All versions; ArubaOS-Switch 16.11.xxxx: All versions; ArubaOS-Switch 16.12.xxxx: All versions; ArubaOS-Switch 16.13.xxxx: All versions; ArubaOS-Switch 17.01.xxxx: All versions; ArubaOS-Switch 17.02.xxxx: All versions; ArubaOS-Switch 17.03.xxxx: All versions; ArubaOS-Switch 17.04.xxxx: All versions; ArubaOS-Switch 17.05


An advisory was released in January of 2019, stating that ArubaOS-Switch versions 15.xx and 16.01 are vulnerable to CVE-2022-23677. This vulnerability allows unauthorized access to the admin console using the default credentials of admin/admin. In order to mitigate this issue, Aruba recommends users update their firmware immediately if they are not able to update manually.

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Summary of the Vulnerability

The vulnerability allows attackers to read and write to memory and cause a denial of service.

What is CVE-2022?

The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) is an international standard that identifies security vulnerabilities. This particular CVE, CVE-2022, identifies a vulnerability in the Aruba OS Switch and ArubaOS-Switch products. The vulnerability is caused by a timing issue which may allow unauthorized access to the device or its configuration interface.

The Aruba OS Switch and ArubaOS-Switch are vulnerable to unauthorized access due to a timing issue with the way they validate input passed into the device's configuration interface. An attacker could exploit this issue by sending specially crafted packets of data over a wired or wireless connection to trigger this flaw.

Description of the vulnerability

The vulnerability is caused by a buffer overflow, which occurs due to an unchecked length parameter of a write operation. If exploited, an attacker could execute arbitrary code on vulnerable devices and potentially take control of them.


Published on: 05/10/2022 19:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 05/25/2022 17:26:00 UTC