Dell recommends users to upgrade to the updated version as soon as possible. If you have enabled the feature “Require Strong Passwords”, you will be required to change your password upon upgrading the software.

It is recommended to monitor your system for any suspicious activity, such as unauthorized log-in attempts or any other unusual activity. Stay alert for any malicious activities, especially in the days leading up to the upgrade. You can also upgrade your system by following the instructions provided in this advisory. Stay safe!

BIOS update not required after the upgrade

The BIOS update may be required to prevent the system booting up in a state where the encrypted data has not been decrypted. The BIOS update can be obtained from Dell's website.


Dell - Security Advisory
This advisory provides information on a malicious software program that exploits a vulnerability in the operating system (CVE-2022-26870) to install malware on your computer. The software is intended to launch exploits against vulnerabilities in applications from Adobe, Microsoft, and Apple.

This advisory includes Dell's response to the vulnerability, details on how you can stay safe, and recommendations for protecting your systems.

How Does Weak Passwords Help Hackers?

Weak passwords can help hackers gain access to your system. With weak passwords, it becomes easier for them to hijack your system. There are several ways that weak passwords are helpful to hackers:
-A hacker may be able to get into your computer through a phishing attack, where you receive an email that looks like it is coming from Dell, asking you to change your password.
-If you have a weak password and use the same one on other accounts, a hacker could try and use the compromised account to access more sensitive information. If they have hacked into your computer, they could also install software or spyware on your computer in order to steal from other accounts.
-Hackers may be able to guess the username and password combination of an account with a weak password by using brute force attacks. This means that if someone has tried millions of possible combinations for their credentials without success, they could still crack the account if their credentials were not strong enough.
In order to keep yourself secure, make sure you choose strong passwords (at least 8 characters long) and change them regularly.

Dell Software and Operating system version information

Dell recommends you to upgrade your software and operating system when prompted. Dell is updating and patching as much as possible before the end of April, so continued vigilance is important to ensure that your computer remains protected.

The following are the release notes for this update:
- The new version of Dell OpenManage Server Administrator 3.1.0 (Dell OS image: v3.0) includes the following improvements:
- CVE-2022-26870 - A vulnerability with individual logon could allow an attacker to gain access to a server's administrator credentials
- Fixed issue where application fails on systems running on Dell PowerEdge R610 or PowerEdge R710 servers


Published on: 10/21/2022 18:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 10/24/2022 15:33:00 UTC