Mozilla discovered a critical flaw in the old version of Firefox which made it possible for hackers to hijack a user's session and inject arbitrary code into the browser. The vulnerability was discovered in Firefox's support for the Kerberos protocol, which is used to secure network services such as Apache and Lotus Notes.

CVE-2016-9412: Firefox does not properly handle redirects when Kerberos authentication is enabled.

When a user clicks on a link, Firefox sends their request to a remote host and sends the authentication details unencrypted. If the remote host is compromised, the request can be injected into the web page, resulting in session hijacking. The severity of this vulnerability is quite high since it is possible to inject code on a user's computer that can do anything from stealing data to installing a root certificate on the user's machine.
The good news is that this flaw is already patched by Mozilla in Firefox version 52.0.
The bad news is that users who are still using an old version of Firefox will likely not receive this upgrade until their browser has been uninstalled.

Is your Firefox version 52.0 or newer?

If your Firefox version is 52 or newer, you're good to go.
If you are using a Firefox version that's older than 52, you may not be able to receive the upgrade and will have to manually update your browser.

How to check if you are vulnerable?

To check if your computer is vulnerable, you first need to open the Firefox browser and visit one of these URLs:
If the URL has a "vulnerable" next to it, then you are vulnerable to this critical bug. If not, then you are not vulnerable and can safely continue using your old version of Firefox without any worries!

How do I know if my Firefox is vulnerable?

You can check if you are vulnerable by visiting the Mozilla Security Advisory page.
If you have an old version of Firefox, update your browser ASAP!

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What is Mozilla doing to protect users against session hijacking?

Mozilla is working on a fix for the vulnerability in Firefox 52.0, and they have released a patch to fix this issue in older versions of Firefox. Mozilla has also published a document with more information about the vulnerability and what users can do to protect themselves.
The good news is that Mozilla fixed the vulnerability so it cannot be exploited by hackers anymore. The bad news is that many users still using old versions of Firefox will not receive an upgrade until their browsers are uninstalled, or until they manually install the upgrade.
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How Does Kerberos Work?

Kerberos is a network authentication protocol that is used to secure network services, like Apache and Lotus Notes. Kerberos works by encrypting data sent between the client and the server with a pre-shared key. If the user's computer has a digital certificate that matches that of the server's, then the connection will be encrypted. This system prevents an attacker from intercepting data coming in or out of your computer.
This old version of Firefox was vulnerable because it did not do any sort of validation on data sent from an attacker. The vulnerability allowed an attacker to inject arbitrary code into the web page after impersonating a user.


Published on: 05/10/2022 21:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 05/19/2022 20:39:00 UTC