The grandMA2 is an ONVIF compliant IP cameras. ONVIF is a standard that allows control of your cameras from a remote location via the internet. This could be beneficial in some situations, such as allowing parents to check on their children's rooms while they are sleeping. However, it could also have some negative consequences, such as allowing people to spy on you or even worse, allowing intruders to view you when you are not aware that your system is being monitored. Vulnerabilities in lighting control systems can put you, and your family, at risk. An easy way to prevent this is to keep your lighting system’s firmware updated. As mentioned above, grandMA2V2 is an ONVIF compliant lighting system, so it makes it easy to update the lighting system’s firmware.


The grandMA2 is an ONVIF compliant IP camera. This means that it has a vulnerability that allows intruders to view the camera when no one is watching. To prevent this, update your lighting system’s firmware to make sure it's up-to-date.

GrandMA2V2: an easy way to update your lighting system’s firmware

Keeping your lighting system’s firmware updated is an easy way to prevent the vulnerability of a lighting system’s vulnerability. As mentioned earlier, grandMA2V2 is an ONVIF compliant lighting system, so updating the firmware is just as easy as updating any other software on your laptop or phone. You can update the firmware by going to “support” -> “software update” and then choosing “firmware update.”
Once you have updated the firmware, you should always be sure that your system has current security patches installed on it. This will protect you against potential vulnerabilities in your lighting system's software.


Published on: 08/21/2022 04:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 08/26/2022 15:27:00 UTC