Security researchers have recently raised serious concerns about a newly discovered vulnerability labeled CVE-2022-32928. This critical logic issue impacts Apple's iOS 16, macOS Ventura 13, and watchOS 9 operating systems, putting mail credentials at risk of being intercepted by attackers in a privileged network position. Apple has since addressed this vulnerability with improved restrictions, but there are steps you should take to ensure that your personal information is safe. In this in-depth post, we shed light on the exploit details, provide code snippets to better understand the vulnerability, and share links to original references.

Exploit Details

The vulnerability presents itself as a logic issue in the affected operating systems, which may allow an attacker in a privileged network position to intercept mail credentials, putting sensitive personal information at risk. The potential for data leakage is significant, and it is vital that users take steps to safeguard their data.

Code Snippet

To provide a clearer understanding of the vulnerability, here's a simple pseudocode representation of the flawed logic in the affected systems:

# Pseudocode of the vulnerable logic in iOS 16, macOS Ventura 13, watchOS 9
if is_user_in_privileged_network() and has_mail_credentials():
    # Allows attackers to intercept mail credentials

With the release of the fix, an additional layer of protection has been added to prevent mail credentials from being leaked.

Mitigation and Workaround

Apple has fixed this issue in iOS 16, macOS Ventura 13, and watchOS 9 by implementing improved restrictions, which should prevent attackers from intercepting mail credentials.

Update your devices to the latest operating system versions

- iOS 16:
  - macOS Ventura 13:
  - watchOS 9:

Ensure that your mail client has the latest security patches and updates installed.

3. Use caution when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks or other potentially unsecured networks, as attackers may use these to try to intercept your data.

4. Consider using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to encrypt your internet connection and protect your sensitive information further.

Original References

More information on the CVE-2022-32928 vulnerability, including the original security advisories, can be found at the following links:

- Apple Security Advisory:
- CVE Details:


CVE-2022-32928 is a serious vulnerability that puts mail credentials at risk of being intercepted. Apple has addressed the issue by introducing improved restrictions in their operating systems – iOS 16, macOS Ventura 13, and watchOS 9. Users are urged to update their devices and take additional precautions to protect their data from potential threats. By staying updated and following best practices, you can safeguard your personal information and enjoy a safer and more secure digital experience.


Published on: 11/01/2022 20:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 11/02/2022 17:42:00 UTC