This issue was initially reported to Intel. Intel issued a patch for this issue. However, some Intel(R) NUC 11 Performance Mini PCs with earlier versions of BIOS may still be affected by this issue. For example, a system with BIOS version A1c01a8 may still be vulnerable. Firmware versions that are vulnerable to this issue include: - A1c01a8 - A1c01a9 - A1c01a10 - A1c01a11 - A1c01a12 - A1c01a13 - A1c01a14 - A1c01a15 - A1c01a16 - A1c01a17 - A1c01a18 - A1c01a19 - A1c01a20 - A1c01a21 - A1c01a22 - A1c01a23 - A1c01a24 - A1c01a25 - A1c01a26 - A1c01a27 - A1c01a28 - A1c01a29 - A1c01a30 - A1c01a31 - A1c01a32 - A1c01a33 - A1c01a34 - A1c01a35 - A1c01a36 - A1c01a37 - A1c01a38 - A1c01a39 - A1c

Mitigation of this Issue

If you have an Intel(R) NUC 11 Performance Mini PC with BIOS version A1c01a8,
Intel has issued a patch for this issue. As this issue only affects a subset of processors, the patch does not affect all Intel(R) NUC 11 Performance Mini PCs. If you are unsure which models are affected, please contact your hardware vendor or Intel Customer Support.


This issue is not exploitable from the firmware level

The vulnerability does not exist in the firmware.


Published on: 11/11/2022 16:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 11/16/2022 18:57:00 UTC