This problem occurs when you try to merge a pull request that has migrated from another branch. If a team member pushes a change to another branch, it will end up on the other team member's fork, and the other team member may then merge that change into the main branch. If the change has a status of “Migrated”, it will end up in the main branch and will be marked as being “Merged”. If you then try to merge the main branch with a branch, you will get the following error: ERROR: Could not merge remote branch '{{branch}}' into remote /usr/local/bin/git-forks: Invalid branch name /usr/local/bin/git-forks: Invalid branch name . This can be resolved by checking the status of the merge request and making sure it has been marked as “Final”.

Solution: Check Merge Requests for Final Status

To resolve the problem, you can check the status of merge requests by clicking on “Status” and then “Merge”. From there, you can see which ones are marked as “Final”.

Check the status of your merge request

If you are trying to merge a pull request that has migrated from another branch, check the status of the merge request. If it is marked as “Migrated”, changing its status to “Final” will allow you to commit it.

Fix code

It's possible to fix this issue by running git forks merge --allow-unrelated-histories-to-see-each-other . This will allow the two branches to see each other and then merge them together.

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Published on: 10/13/2022 20:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 10/14/2022 09:20:00 UTC