This can be used to leak sensitive data or even execute arbitrary code. It’s recommended to have a security assessment for your IoT devices before deploying them. Boodskap IoT Platform v4.4.9-02 is not vulnerable if the device is locked with a password. This can be set by the administrator at any time. As with any other software, it’s recommended to update the system as soon as possible. This helps in avoiding any potential issues. Boodskap IoT Platform v4.4.9-02 is installed on the device and it has a remote management console, allowing administrators to update it.

Is Boodskap IoT Platform v4.4.9-02 Vulnerable?

Boodskap IoT Platform v4.4.9-02 is not vulnerable if the device is locked with a password. The device can be set to have a password and all user access management is controlled with this password. This means that if someone tries to change their password, it won't affect any other users or the system itself.
However, Boodskap IoT Platform v4.4.9-02 does have vulnerabilities that could allow for sensitive data to leak or even execute arbitrary code. If someone has physical access to the device, they could potentially exploit these vulnerabilities on their own or use them as part of a larger attack against your network or systems.

Boodskap IoT Platform v4.4.9-02 Changelog

** Boodskap IoT Platform v4.4.9-02 **
- Added support for Windows 10.
- Added a security assessment for the Boodskap IoT Platform.
- Fixed an issue causing the sensors to not work when it was configured as a sensor for a third party device.

Boodskap IoT Platform v4.4.9-02 Change Log

Boodskap IoT Platform v4.4.9-02 is the latest version of our platform and includes a number of valuable changes to make using Boodskap IoT Platform easier than ever before.

* New remote management console
The administration console has been updated with an improved user interface, better performance, and more information about your device. You can now use this to update all the software on your device as well, regardless of whether it’s already updated or not.

* More devices supported
We have now reached compatibility with many new devices in our ecosystem - we are proud to now support 330+ devices! This makes us one of the largest IoT platforms on the Internet today.


Published on: 10/13/2022 23:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 10/14/2022 14:10:00 UTC