We advice to install the latest updates to protect your system against attacks. Running a certain software on your system might be dangerous. It is necessary to upgrade the software version to prevent any type of cyber attack.
In a certain scenario, we might come across with an error message pop-up. An attack might be launched to trick the user into installing a malicious software. Hence, it is necessary to be cautious while installing any type of software. A patch has been released to fix this vulnerability. It is recommended to apply the update to fix this issue.

Vulnerability details

The vulnerability is an error message pop-up that appears on a regular basis. This error message pops up when your system tries to install any software. The patch has been released to prevent this issue from occurring.

How to Install Microsoft Patching Agent Updates?

1. Click on the Windows Start button, type in "Windows Update" in the search box and select "Windows Update".
2. Select "Check for updates" from the left panel.

How to Install Necessary Updates?

The severity of the vulnerability is high, which means that it is wise to apply the necessary update. It is necessary to have a system administrator to apply the update for you. As soon as you are alerted about a available update, immediately contact customer support and ask for help. In order to install updates, there is no need for any extra effort from our side. All you need to do is follow the given instructions and install the latest version of your software.

How to Install Latest Updates?

In order to avoid any kind of attack, it is necessary to run the latest updates. You can easily update your software by using a windows update utility. Just go to “settings” and click on “update and security”. This will open up a new window that has a button for checking for updates.
Now, when you are on the windows update utility window, you can first find the latest updates by clicking on the button that says “check for updates”. The latest updates will be at the top of the list. Now, just select the latest update from the list and then apply it to your system.