A critical vulnerability, CVE-2022-3662, has been uncovered in Axiomatic's Bento4, a C++ class library designed for parsing and processing ISO-MP4 files. The vulnerability specifically affects the GetOffset function within the Ap4Sample.h file, where the use after free issue increases the risk of malicious cyberattacks leading to remote exploitation. This article dissects the vulnerability, providing related code snippets, links, and original references. It also discusses the potential impact of this public exploit and the vulnerability identifier, VDB-212002.

Overview of the vulnerability

The vulnerability in question affects the component mp42hls in Axiomatic's Bento4, a widely used software suite for handling ISO-MP4 files. More precisely, the vulnerability exists in the GetOffset function located in the Ap4Sample.h file. With the manipulation of this vulnerability, malicious actors can initiate an attack remotely using the disclosed exploit for nefarious purposes.

Code snippet illustrating the issue

Here is a code snippet extracted from the Ap4Sample.h file showing the GetOffset function where the vulnerability lies:

class AP4_Sample {
  // methods
  // ...
  AP4_UI64                GetOffset() const { return m_Offset; }
  void                    SetOffset(AP4_UI64 offset) { m_Offset = offset; }

  // members
  AP4_UI64                m_Offset;

As we can see, the GetOffset function utilizes the m_Offset member variable from the AP4_Sample class. This might lead to a use after free situation, affecting the overall Bento4 functionality.

More information on Axiomatic's Bento4 project and the vulnerable component mp42hls can be found at the project's GitHub repository: https://github.com/axiomatic-systems/Bento4

Details of CVE-2022-3662, including its description, impact, and analysis, can be found via the following links:
- https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2022-3662
- https://vuldb.com/entry?id=212002

Exploit details

The exploit for CVE-2022-3662 has been publicly disclosed, creating the imminent threat of potential usage. The severity of this vulnerability emphasizes the importance of swift mitigation to ensure the security and integrity of systems utilizing Axiomatic's Bento4 program.

Vulnerability identifier - VDB-212002

The vulnerability database (VulDB) identifier assigned to this vulnerability is VDB-212002. This identifier can be used to track updates and developments related to CVE-2022-3662 as they emerge.

In conclusion, CVE-2022-3662 is a critical vulnerability found in Axiomatic's Bento4 that must be addressed urgently. By understanding the details, code snippet, and potential impact of this public exploit, software developers and organizations can take necessary steps to ensure the security of their systems and applications. Stay vigilant and continue monitoring the latest information and updates on this vulnerability using its identifier, VDB-212002.


Published on: 10/26/2022 19:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 10/28/2022 17:29:00 UTC