A successful exploit of this vulnerability could allow an attacker to delete arbitrary data, such as another customer's data, from the system. This vulnerability is rated as high due to the fact that it can be used to delete critical data from the system. Mitigation A thorough review of the source code is a must for all WordPress installations to prevent SQL injection vulnerabilities. Checking for common mistakes such as unclosed quotation marks and double-quoted strings can prevent many SQL injection attacks. Allowing only trusted users to have administrative rights on the website will help prevent remote access of the website's data by external sources. In order to prevent data manipulation, it is a good idea to set up an automated backup system.

What is SQL Injection?

SQL injection is a type of injection attack that uses the Structured Query Language to gain access to data from a database.

SQL Injection: A vulnerability in a website's database

SQL injection vulnerabilities are one of the most common types of computer security vulnerabilities. SQL injection attacks target a website's database, which is the area where data is stored. An attacker injects malicious code into a website to manipulate the websites database and insert malicious data. The vulnerability can be used to steal information from the website, delete critical data on the system, or do anything else that an attacker wants to do.
There are many different ways for attackers to exploit this vulnerability in order to carry out their malicious actions. One way is by using a single quotation mark character in a query that adds additional text after it. This single quotation mark tells WordPress not to interpret what comes next as a string but rather as an SQL command that creates another row in the database. This causes an error which then allows the attacker to make changes in the database without permission from WordPress. Mitigation  Setting up an automated backup system for your website will help prevent this type of attack because it will provide you with access to all of your website's data at any time. If you have access to your backups, you could run queries against them and see if there are any errors that may indicate vulnerabilities within your website's database.

SQL Injection Tutorial

SQL injection is a type of attack in which an attacker will send their own queries to the database in order to extract information that the database might not be authorized to give. SQL injection attacks are often difficult to detect and can lead to the destruction of data on the website.
If you are using WordPress, it is very important for you to review your source code for common mistakes such as unclosed quotation marks or double-quoted strings so that you can prevent SQL injection from happening. It is also important for you to set up an automated backup system so that if a break-in occurs, it will have already been backed up.


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