A critical vulnerability, classified as CVE-2022-3799, has been discovered in the popular open-source blockchain project IBAX’s go-ibax software. This vulnerability affects an unknown functionality within the file /api/v2/open/tablesInfo, and allows attackers to perform a SQL injection attack, potentially leading to unauthorized data access, data modification, or even complete system compromise.

Exploit Details

The SQL injection vulnerability is caused by improper validation and sanitization of user-supplied input, which could be manipulated by a remote attacker to influence the database query. The attack requires only a basic understanding of SQL injection techniques and can be launched remotely, increasing the chances of a successful exploitation.

Here's an example of the code snippet that could be potentially exploited

func (m *Manager) GetTablesInfo(chainID string) ([]*TableInfo, os.Error) {
    query := fmt.Sprintf("SELECT * FROM %s_tables WHERE chain_id=?", chainID)
    rows, err := m.Db.Query(query)

Notice that the user-supplied input chainID is appended directly to the SQL query without any proper validation or sanitization. This makes it possible for an attacker to craft a malicious input that could modify the SQL query in unforeseen ways and potentially grant unauthorized access to the database.

Original References

This vulnerability has been publicly disclosed, and its associated identifier is VDB-212635. Original references for this vulnerability can be found in the following sources:

1. IBAX go-ibax GitHub Repository
2. NVD - National Vulnerability Database

Mitigation and Remediation

Both the IBAX team and the community are actively working to address this vulnerability. Users of the go-ibax software are advised to keep an eye on the official GitHub repository for updates and apply any patches as soon as they become available.

For developers, it is essential to follow secure coding practices that effectively mitigate the risk of SQL injection attacks. Specifically, input validation using a whitelist approach, proper sanitization of user input, and parameterized queries are recommended to prevent SQL injection vulnerabilities.

In conclusion, the CVE-2022-3799 vulnerability poses a significant threat to the go-ibax software and its users. Organizations and developers who rely on this software should closely monitor the situation and apply the appropriate patches as soon as they are released. Additionally, adhering to secure coding practices can help prevent similar vulnerabilities from emerging in the future.


Published on: 11/01/2022 16:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 11/02/2022 15:02:00 UTC