CVE-2022-39017 refers to a vulnerability found in all comment fields in M-Files Hubshare versions before The root cause of this vulnerability is improper input validation and output encoding, which, when exploited by an authenticated attacker, can lead to cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks via specially crafted comments. This blog post will discuss the details of this vulnerability, what it means for users, as well as how to remediate it.

What is M-Files Hubshare?

M-Files Hubshare is a collaboration software used for sharing information within and outside organizations. It is a secure and efficient platform that allows users to collaborate in real-time and work together on various types of documents and files. You can learn more about M-Files Hubshare and its features here.

The Vulnerability

This vulnerability, assigned the identifier CVE-2022-39017, affects the comment fields in M-Files Hubshare. Due to improper input validation and output encoding, authenticated attackers can introduce cross-site scripting attacks by injecting malicious scripts into comment fields. When other users view or interact with these comments, the malicious script executes, potentially allowing attackers to steal sensitive information, modify content, or perform other unauthorized activities.

The following code snippet demonstrates an example of how an attacker might exploit the vulnerability:


By inserting this script into a comment field, an attacker can force the execution of a simple alert pop-up. While this example may seem harmless, other, more malicious scripts can have serious consequences.


CVE-2022-39017 has significant security implications. Because M-Files Hubshare is widely used for collaboration within companies and organizations, attackers exploiting this vulnerability can potentially access sensitive information, such as login credentials, intellectual property, or personal data. Moreover, exploiting this vulnerability could allow attackers to perform unauthorized activities on the compromised platform, further expanding the attack surface.

Original References and Exploit Details

For in-depth technical details about this vulnerability, you can refer to the original CVE-2022-39017 entry in the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) database. Additionally, M-Files has provided a security advisory that describes the vulnerability and its impact on Hubshare users.


To mitigate the risk of exploitation, M-Files has addressed the vulnerability by releasing Hubshare version Users of affected versions should upgrade to the latest version immediately to protect their systems.

Hubshare administrators can also implement the following security best practices to further enhance the security posture of their deployments:


CVE-2022-39017 is a critical vulnerability in M-Files Hubshare that allows authenticated attackers to exploit comment fields and perform cross-site scripting attacks. By staying informed about this vulnerability, upgrading to Hubshare version, and implementing security best practices, users can protect their systems from potential attacks and maintain a secure collaborative environment.


Published on: 10/31/2022 21:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 11/01/2022 19:47:00 UTC