ZM is a powerful CNC software that is often used for surveillance. It can monitor many different things like video feeds from security cameras, audio feeds from microphones, stats from files and so on. In most cases, it is used for surveillance purpose. In order to monitor everything in real time, ZM has to record data from all the sources. Data from all the sources is recorded in the database.
As the data stored in the database is critical for the functioning of the system, it has to be stored safely. Therefore, it has to be stored in the database in a secure manner. The biggest threat to such data is the unauthorised person. If the system is not configured properly, a hacker can cause serious damage to the system. At this point, it is important to mention that if the database is hacked, it can cause huge damage to the whole system. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that the security of the database is tight. This can be done by ensuring that the right measures are in place.

Detect and Stop SQL Injection Attacks

One of the most common and persistent threats to databases is SQL injections. SQL injections are maliciously crafted queries that are used to break into database servers. In order to stop such attacks, it is important to prevent SQL injection attacks by configuring the database server properly. One way of detecting such attack is through an automatic alert system.
A secure database server should be able to detect potential SQL injection attempts and send an alert as soon as a possible attack is detected. This will not only help in preventing an attack, but also helps in stopping any damage incurred due to the attack.


Published on: 10/07/2022 21:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 10/11/2022 13:52:00 UTC