The attacker can do this by using a memory-resident proof-of-concept (PoC) or use a Remote Code Injection attack to inject malicious code into a vulnerable process. This can be done by sending a specially crafted file (like a .dwg file) or by directly executing malicious code in the context of a vulnerable process. Additional information on how to exploit this vulnerability, can be found in the Remote Code Injection section. Due to lack of proper memory management, when a victim opens a manipulated AutoCAD (.dwg, TeighaTranslator.exe) file received from untrusted sources in SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author - version 9, it is possible that a Remote Code Execution can be triggered when payload forces a stack-based overflow or a re-use of dangling pointer which refers to overwritten space in memory. How to exploit this vulnerability? Let’s say we receive an email with a malicious .dwg file attached. When we open this file, the attacker’s malicious code will be executed in our SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author - version 9 system and can do anything from compromising our system to stealing our data. The attack vector for this vulnerability is through the use of a specially crafted AutoCAD .dwg file.

Exploitation Steps:

A. The attacker sends a malicious .dwg file to the victim.
B. Once the victim opens this file, it will trigger a memory-resident PoC or a Remote Code Injection attack within SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author - version 9 which will make it possible for an attacker to execute their malicious code on the system and cause potential harm.
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Remote Code Execution

A Remote Code Execution occurs when an attacker executes code remotely without the need for authentication. Often, the goal of these attacks is to compromise a system and install an unauthorized backdoor. The attack can be carried out by crafting specially crafted .dwg files that are capable of triggering a stack-based overflow or a re-use of dangling pointers.
Mitigation: To prevent this vulnerability from being exploited, you should follow SAP Security Note 2058538 and make sure any files containing AutoCAD (.dwg) files are only opened in trusted environments only.


Published on: 10/11/2022 21:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 10/12/2022 20:02:00 UTC