SAP 3D Visual Enterprise is an enterprise level SAP solution and as such, it is highly recommended to install the software in a controlled and monitored network environment. Due to this reason, users from large enterprises or government organizations are considered as one of the most vulnerable targets for attackers. One of the common ways for attackers to exploit the lack of security awareness in such organizations is through spear phishing campaigns. During such campaigns, attackers try to deliver malicious links or attachments in emails which often use specially crafted malicious .igs files to deliver a malware to the intended victims. The aim of such campaigns is to deliver a malware which is installed on the victim's system and then collect information from it.

Spearphishing – The Basics

Spearphishing is a social engineering attack or an advanced malware infection which uses the targeted individual's interest or trust in the email sender to trick them into clicking on a link which installs malware on their computer. The attacker then gains access to the victims systems and collects sensitive information from them.

Spear Phishing Campaign s

Spear phishing campaigns are the most common type of cybersecurity attack. Spear phishing is a targeted cyberattack that involves sending carefully crafted emails to your employees with malicious attachments or links that could lead to a malware being installed on their system. The email often uses an official-sounding subject line and an inside joke to make it seem more personal and authentic. While spear phishing is not always successful, it can be a highly effective way for attackers to infiltrate your network and steal valuable information from your employees. If your employees fall for this tactic, they may give up personal information such as passwords which would be used by attackers to access their systems remotely. This could lead to further damage to the company's IT infrastructure as well as sensitive corporate data, both of which attackers could easily exploit.

Spear Phishing Campaign Using SAP 3D Visual Enterprise

With this campaign, the attacker has been able to use the highly confidential SAP information to infiltrate an enterprise network. The attacker crafted a malicious .igs file which was designed to target an enterprise within the US government. The software created by the attacker is supposed to look like an official looking email and uses popular SAP code names which are usually used as passwords for different aspects of the software. So, when someone tries to login with this password, it sends that information back to the attacker without them having to crack any other passwords. As such, even if someone were to detect a fake email and open it in a suspicious fashion, they would not be able to detect that there is a malware on their system installing itself without their knowledge.

Spearphishing Campaign s

Spearphishing is a type of phishing which attempts to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers from a computer user through email. Spearphishing campaigns are often targeted at specific individuals or organizations in order to steal their identity. One such example is the recent Equifax breach of 145 million Americans' personal information where hackers used spearphishing emails to hack into their systems and gain access to confidential data. Usually, spearphishing campaigns target people who work for an organization running SAP 3D Visual Enterprise. These might include business managers, IT administrators, and employees whose job it is to manage software installations. These campaigns are effective because they make use of the knowledge that people at large enterprises or government organizations have less security awareness as compared to individuals working in small companies or individual hackers with just one victim.


Published on: 10/11/2022 21:15:00 UTC
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