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Today, I'm going to discuss a recently disclosed vulnerability called CVE-2022-41215, which affects SAP NetWeaver ABAP Server and ABAP Platform. This vulnerability allows an unauthenticated attacker to redirect users to a malicious site because of insufficient URL validation by the affected systems. If successfully exploited, this vulnerability could lead users to inadvertently disclose their personal information.


SAP NetWeaver ABAP Server and ABAP Platform are widely-used products that provide a set of development tools and runtime environment for building and running business applications. Unfortunately, these products contain a security flaw that can be exploited by attackers to perform open redirect attacks.

An open redirect is a vulnerability where a web application incorrectly handles user-supplied URLs resulting in users being redirected to an attacker-controlled site without their knowledge. This issue can be exploited by attackers to trick users into visiting malicious websites, which can lead to unintended consequences such as information disclosure, identity theft, or even malware infection.

Vulnerability Details

CVE-2022-41215 specifically affects SAP NetWeaver ABAP Server and ABAP Platform versions 7.00, 7.01, 7.02, 7.30, 7.31, 7.40, and 7.50, and SAP Web Dispatcher versions 7.40, 7.45, 7.49, and 7.53. The vulnerability is due to the fact that the affected systems do not properly validate user-supplied URLs. This can allow an attacker to create a crafted URL that will redirect users to an arbitrary, malicious site when accessing certain features of the affected systems.

A sample exploit URL might look like the following


In this example, the attacker has crafted a URL that, when accessed by an unsuspecting user, will redirect them from the legitimate SAP server (vulnerable_sap_server.com) to the attacker-controlled website (malicious_site.com).


Users who are running affected versions of SAP NetWeaver ABAP Server, ABAP Platform, and SAP Web Dispatcher should apply the relevant security patches provided by SAP to fix this vulnerability. The patches can be found in the following SAP Security Notes:

- SAP Security Note 3071199 for SAP Web Dispatcher
- SAP Security Note 3071537 for SAP NetWeaver ABAP Server and ABAP Platform

Additionally, organizations should consider using a combination of network security best practices, user awareness training, and application security measures to help reduce the risk of exploitation.


CVE-2022-41215 is a critical vulnerability that affects widely-used SAP products, and it is important that organizations take swift action to protect their systems and users. By applying the provided security patches and following general security best practices, organizations can help protect their users from falling victim to open redirect attacks.

Stay safe and secure out there, and thanks for reading!


Published on: 11/08/2022 22:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 03/01/2023 15:36:00 UTC