The package at the time of this writing is marked as “not maintained,” meaning that it will no longer receive any further updates or bug fixes. This can be a serious problem if it is installed on a system that handling sensitive data. The package is licensed under the MIT license. As long as the MIT license is adhered to, there is no problem with using the package. What is problematic is when it is not adhered to and the license is not properly understood by those using the package.

MIT License

The MIT license is a permissive open source software license. It is the most popular license used by open source projects, such as the Linux kernel. The MIT license allows you to use, modify and distribute the software for any purpose, even commercially. In order to comply with this license, your use of the software must not be detrimental to its original purpose or other people's use of it. If you are concerned about how the package will affect your licensing rights, make sure that you understand what components of it were created with which licenses and that those components are being properly used.

Installing the package

It is imperative that after downloading the package, that you follow the installation instructions. These instructions are listed on the GitHub page which can be accessed at The installation process includes updating any necessary dependencies and installing Rust 1.27.1, which will allow the package to compile properly when run with the latest version of Rust.

Nmap Security Scanner

Nmap is a security scanner that is used to scan remote hosts and networks. There are many different versions of Nmap, but the most recent version is 5.00. Nmap has a wide range of features and capabilities, which makes it an excellent tool for finding vulnerabilities in a system.


Published on: 10/11/2022 22:15:00 UTC
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