A local attacker may access and control the smart phone or read personal data from it.

Vulnerability overview

A vulnerability in the Android operating system exists and could allow attackers to access and control the smart phone or read data from it. A local attacker would need to be able to run a specially crafted application on the device with privileges of the user that activated it, or intercept messages between or within applications.
This vulnerability could occur when an application uses a WebView component supplied by Mozilla Foundation. The vulnerability has been assigned CVE-2022-41595

Exploitation may lead to local elevation of privilege

-Basic exploitability
-Lack of authentication
-No password protection

Orbot and Orfox: An introduction to Tor network security

As the world wide web becomes more accessible, cybercriminals are finding new ways to exploit it. One of the latest trends in cybercrime is to conduct highly targeted attacks against specific companies or organizations. To avoid these types of attacks and protect your company from unauthorized access, you can use Orbot, a software application for Android smart phones that allows users to access the Tor network and run their applications anonymously.
Orfox is an extension for Google Chrome that provides similar functionality for computers and other mobile browsers. It uses Tor to allow your browser to make anonymous connections to websites.


Published on: 10/14/2022 16:15:00 UTC
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