A local attacker may access and control the smart phone or read personal data from it.

Smart Phone Components Affected by the Vulnerability

The vulnerability affects the Common Messaging Service on the Smart Phone which is a contact list, email, and SMS client. This service is not used to communicate with the server and can be accessed without authentication in case of a local attack.
The vulnerability also affects the Smart Phone’s location services and Wi-Fi connection settings.


The CVE-2022-41597 vulnerability allows a local attacker to access and control the smart phone or read personal data from it. The vulnerability is in the Bluetooth stack of Android's firmware.
Even older versions of Android are vulnerable to this vulnerability. To exploit this vulnerability an attacker must be within Bluetooth range of the target device.

Vulnerability Scenario

A local attacker has the ability to gain access and control over the smart phone of an individual or read personal data from it. This vulnerability is possible because the information stored on a smart phone includes personal data.

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Vulnerabilities of Smart Phone

Data security is an important issue for any business and every smart phone user. Because of the decentralized nature of smart phone technology, a local attacker can access and control the device, which means they may also access personal data on it or read information from it.
In many countries, people are using their phones to make purchases. In fact, in 2018 that number was projected to increase by 8 percent. With this in mind, businesses should take the appropriate steps to secure their data and avoid data breaches like these. If a business wants to ensure their customers’ privacy and data security, they should consider implementing tight security measures with encryption software like PGP.


Published on: 10/14/2022 16:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 10/15/2022 01:55:00 UTC