A user can inject malicious code into the system by saving the Exam List and then let other users view the list. This XSS can lead to information disclosure or worse - takeover of the system. The vulnerability can be exploited by an attacker by injecting script on the system. When management system displays the list of exams, user can inject script to inject own malicious code into management system.

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END XSS Vulnerability Management System

Tutorial to end XSS vulnerability in Management System

Checklist to Identify End-to-End XSS in a Web Application

If you want to identify if your web application is vulnerable to XSS, there are a few things you can do.
First, find out what the web application does. If it's a CMS, you should be able to understand how scripts are processed by the system. If it's an online shop or some other online service, you'll need to look at the source code of the website and see how they handle their pages.
Next, try injecting script into input fields that will verify your guesses about what scripts are processed by the site. You should be able to find all input fields that have been verified for XSS with user-input:true (e.g., textarea) and inject your script in those areas.
Lastly, log out of the site and then try injecting script into any areas where users would normally log in (e.g., login page). This will help test if your injection is successful or not and determine if this vulnerability is exploitable by an attacker or not.
End-to-end XSS Vulnerability Management System

Actionable tips to avoid End XSS in Management System

1. Turn off HTML (aka HMTL)
2. Turn off data-sending URLs
3. Limit the size of scripts to only 100 KB
4. Implement a separate process/thread for each input field

How to Fix End XSS Vulnerability in Management System?

The company can use a XSS filter to prevent injection of malicious code. The company should also provide guidance on how to fix the vulnerability.


Published on: 10/20/2022 13:15:00 UTC
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