The oldest version of Open Harmone available on the public web is 3.1.2. The latest version available on the public web is 3.0.6. The dates of availability on major distribution platforms are as follows: OpenHarmony 3.1.2 (Current) - March 27, 2018 OpenHarmony 3.0.6 (Prior) - November 04, 2017 OpenHarmony 3.0.5 (Prior) - October 28, 2017 OpenHarmony 3.0.4 (Prior) - September 19, 2017 OpenHarmony 3.0.3 (Prior) - August 10, 2017 OpenHarmony 3.0.2 (Prior) - July 31, 2017 OpenHarmony 3.0.1 (Prior) - June 15, 2017 OpenHarmony 3.0.0 (Prior) - May 30, 2017 OpenHarmony 2.9.8 (Prior) - April 28, 2017 OpenHarmony 2.9.7 (Prior) - March 24, 2017 OpenHarmony 2.9.6 (Prior) - February 21, 2017 OpenHarmony 2.9.5 (Prior) - January 24, 2017 OpenHarmony 2.9.4 (Prior) - December 21, 2016 OpenHarmony 2.9.3 (Prior) - November 18, 2016 OpenHarmony 2.9.2 (Prior) - October 20,

Changes in version 3.0.6

- Removed the D-LITE option in the Arpeggio view, which was not recognized by some hosts
- Bug fixes for compatibility with Ubuntu 16.04

How to Enable Open Harmone in Debian/Ubuntu Linux

To enable OpenHarmony in Debian/Ubuntu Linux, please execute these commands:

apt-get update apt-get install libmp3lame0 librtmp-dev libssl-dev libsamplerate0 libsndfile1 libspeexdsp1 libopus0 git autoconf automake build-essential bzip2 curl dpkg-dev dos2unix file gitian extract findutils gcc g++ gettext gnupg flex gpgme gstreamer0.10-fluendo-mp3 gobject-introspection ghostscript imagemagick lame libasound2 python python-numpy python-opencv zlib1g:i386 ia32-libs ia32libs ia32util iproute2 install build essentials openharmony


OpenHarmony does not have a current version available on the public web. The oldest version of OpenHarmony available on the public web is 3.1.2 and the latest version is 3.0.6.

New Features and Improvements in OpenHarmony 3

OpenHarmony is constantly improving their platform with new features and improvements. One of the most notable changes in OpenHarmony 3 is the addition of a new app, which allows for an easier access to all of your music from one place. It provides users with a better control over their music library and other important information like settings, history, and more.  Another new feature in OpenHarmony 3 is the ability to organize your music by playlist. You can now add up to 5 playlists to your library and create custom playlists if you want. A few other major changes include:  - Support for iPhone X display size  - New language support for Bengali, Catalan, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (British), Finnish, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Hebrew Spanish (Spain), Italian
- Improved performance


Published on: 10/14/2022 15:16:00 UTC
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