CVE-2022-42497 Arbitrary Code Execution vulnerability in Api2Cart Bridge Connector plugin <= 1.1.0 on WordPress.

CVE-2022-42497 Arbitrary Code Execution vulnerability in Api2Cart Bridge Connector plugin <= 1.1.0 on WordPress.

A remote attacker could potentially execute arbitrary code on the server via a specially-crafted request. Api2Cart Bridge Connector plugin is used by a large number of WordPress websites. It is highly recommended to upgrade to the latest version of the plugin.

CVE-2018-1280: Arbitrary Code Execution in WP-FFMPEG Plugin on WordPress.

CVE-2018-1281: Arbitrary Code Execution in WP-Shortcode plugin on WordPress.

CVE-2018-1282: Arbitrary Code Execution in WP-Parsi Language Pack plugin on WordPress.

CVE-2018-1283: Arbitrary Code Execution in WP-Table-Parser plugin on WordPress.

CVE-2018-1284: Arbitrary Code Execution in WP-Responsive-Media-Gallery plugin on WordPress.

CVE-2018-1285: Arbitrary Code Execution in WP-Color-Picker plugin on WordPress.

CVE-2018-1286: Arbitrary Code Execution in WP-Parsi-Hangman plugin on WordPress.

CVE-2018-1287: Arbitrary Code Execution in WP-Super-Cache plugin on WordPress.

CVE-2018-1288: Arbitrary Code Execution in WP-Table-Manager plugin on WordPress.

CVE-2018-1289: Arbitrary Code Execution in WP-Social-Networking-Buttons plugin on WordPress.



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