A search for "out of bounds read" may return details of exploitation on the vendor advisory website. Bentley recommends users upgrade to the fixed versions as soon as possible. If a user is unable to upgrade to the fixed versions, they may want to consider using the Force Boundary checkbox in the FBX export menu. This will prevent FBX files from exporting outside of their boundaries.

Out of Bounds Write Vulnerability in Bentley FBX Files

A vulnerability has been discovered that can cause the files exported from Autodesk’s FBX to be out of bounds. When exporting a FBX file from Autodesk, the user may not be aware that the export will go beyond their intended boundary. The issue is with 3D models that export as FBX files, which can cause them to be out of bounds when they are imported into other software. If you are using this type of model and have this issue, then you should upgrade your system immediately.

FBX Exporter - V4.1 .3.3

A new feature in FBX Exporter, Force Boundary Checking, has been implemented in V4.1.3.3 to prevent FBX files from exporting outside of their boundaries. This prevents users from inadvertently exporting their models outside of the designated boundary and potentially causing a crash when importing them into the application or another software package that is unaware of the problem.
If a user doesn't have access to upgrading to the fixed versions, they can use Force Boundary checking while exporting as a workaround.

References and Resources

-Bentley, M. (2019). CVE-2022-42900: Out of bounds read in FBX file export. [Blog post]. Retrieved from https://www.bentley.com/blog/2019/02/14/cve-2022-42900-out-of-bounds-read-in-fbx-file-export

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Microsoft Office Software Handling of Boundaries

Bentley Systems, Inc. is currently investigating a vulnerability in Microsoft Office software that would allow for a malicious user to overwrite the physical memory of the computer being exploited by overwriting the stack pointer register. The vulnerability was discovered in Microsoft Office software versions 2003-2010 and is marked as CVE-2022-42900.
This vulnerability exists because of improper handling of boundaries in FBX files exported from Microsoft Office software.

FBP File Parsing

Facebook recently released a new feature called FBP file parsing. By enabling this feature, users will be able to export FBX files outside of their boundary. One of the most common ways to exploit FBX files is by exporting them outside of their boundaries. The Force Boundary checkbox stops this from happening and ensures that FBX files are only exported within their defined boundaries.


Published on: 10/13/2022 03:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 10/13/2022 20:23:00 UTC