CVE-2022-44403 has been identified as a critical SQL injection vulnerability in Automotive Shop Management System v1., a popular web-based application used to manage automobile repairs, inventory stock, and customer information. This vulnerability specifically impacts the 'user management' feature of the system, allowing attackers to execute arbitrary SQL commands and potentially gain unauthorized access to sensitive information contained within the application's database.

Affected Functionality

User Management
- URL: /asms/admin/?page=user/manage_user&id=

Exploitation Details

The SQL injection vulnerability arises due to improper handling of user-supplied input in the /asms/admin/?page=user/manage_user&id= parameter, which is used to manage user accounts within the application. Attackers can exploit this by sending malicious SQL commands as part of this parameter, thereby gaining unauthorized access to the application's database.

The following is a sample exploit request that demonstrates the SQL injection vulnerability

GET /asms/admin/?page=user/manage_user&id=1' OR 1=1--

In this example, the attacker has injected the SQL command 1' OR 1=1--, which will cause the backend database to return all the user records, as the injected command effectively ignores the original query's condition. This allows the attacker to bypass any access control mechanisms and access sensitive information.


To mitigate this vulnerability, users are advised to upgrade their Automotive Shop Management System to the latest patched version as soon as it is made available by the vendor. Administrators should also restrict access to the affected functionality only to trusted users and consider implementing proper input validation and parameterized queries to prevent future occurrence of such vulnerabilities.


1. Original Vulnerability Disclosure:
2. Automotive Shop Management System Homepage:
3. Official CVE Details:
4. OWASP Guide to SQL Injection Prevention:


CVE-2022-44403 poses a significant risk to organizations utilizing the Automotive Shop Management System v1. due to its potential impact on the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive user data. By taking immediate action to apply necessary security patches and follow best practices for secure application development, affected users can mitigate the risks associated with this vulnerability and ensure the continued safe operation of their automotive shop management systems.


Published on: 11/17/2022 18:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 11/18/2022 18:23:00 UTC