A critical vulnerability, classified under the identifier CVE-2023-1964, has been discovered within PHPGurukul Bank Locker Management System 1.. This vulnerability affects an unknown function associated with the recovery.php file, specifically concerning the password reset component. The manipulation of arguments uname/mobile in this function can lead to an SQL injection attack, allowing malicious actors to launch these potentially damaging attacks remotely. The exploit has been publicly disclosed, and its details can be found below. The vulnerability's identifier is VDB-225360.

Vulnerable Component

The affected component is the password reset function in PHPGurukul Bank Locker Management System 1., which can be found within the recovery.php file.

Exploit Details

The vulnerability is caused by improper validation and sanitization of user input data, specifically when handling arguments for uname/mobile. This allows attackers to inject malicious SQL code within the input field. As a result, the attacker can manipulate, exfiltrate, and delete data stored in the application's database.

The following is a sample code snippet demonstrating the vulnerability

// vulnerable code in recovery.php

  // Vulnerable: unsanitized input

  // Database Query using unsanitized input
  $query=mysqli_query($conn,"select id from users where uname='$uname' and mobile='$mobile'");

  // ... more code ...

For this exploit to be successful, an attacker could manipulate the input in the affected form by adding SQL code such as ' OR '1'='1. When this is submitted, it can cause the database to return unintended data or modify the database in a way that is harmful to the application or its users.

Original References

1. PHPGurukul Bank Locker Management System 1. - 'uname/mobile' SQL Injection - Exploit Database
2. Vulnerability Details & Rankings - VDB-225360

Mitigation Recommendations

To mitigate this vulnerability, developers should implement proper input validation and sanitization. Here are the recommended steps:

Employ a web application firewall (WAF) to detect and block SQL injection attacks.

3. Employ least privilege access to limit the potential damage that could result from an SQL injection attack.


The critical vulnerability (CVE-2023-1964) discovered in PHPGurukul Bank Locker Management System 1. can have severe implications if not dealt with swiftly. It affects the password reset component within the recovery.php file, leading to an SQL injection attack. As the exploit is public, it is crucial that developers take necessary mitigation steps and keep their applications up-to-date to prevent this vulnerability from being exploited.


Published on: 04/09/2023 09:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 04/18/2023 01:32:00 UTC