Critical vulnerabilities can swiftly turn your organization's digital environment into a ticking time bomb. One such security loophole - CVE-2023-3442 - exists in the Jenkins Plug-in for ServiceNow DevOps, specifically in versions prior to 1.38.1.

This post will comprehensively discuss CVE-2023-3442, including the code snippet, original references, and exploit details, as well as how the issue can be addressed by various organizations using the Jenkins Plug-in for ServiceNow DevOps.

Security Vulnerability: CVE-2023-3442 - Missing Authorization Vulnerability in Jenkins Plug-in for ServiceNow DevOps
Due to missing authorization in versions prior to 1.38.1, this vulnerability - CVE-2023-3442 - allows an attacker to exploit the flaw, leading to the exposure of sensitive information.

Affected Versions

Versions of the Jenkins Plug-in for ServiceNow DevOps prior to 1.38.1 are affected by CVE-2023-3442.

Solution: Update to Jenkins Plug-in for ServiceNow DevOps Version 1.38.1
To address this security issue and protect your sensitive data, update your Jenkins server with the Jenkins Plug-in for ServiceNow DevOps to version 1.38.1. There's no need to make any changes on your instances of the Now Platform.

Here's a code snippet to help you understand the vulnerability's details

Assuming the affected version of the Jenkins Plug-in for ServiceNow DevOps is in use:

  public void vulnerableMethod(String sensitiveInformation) {
    if (user.isLoggedIn()) {
The code checks if the user is logged in, but it lacks appropriate authorization checks:

  public void secureMethod(String sensitiveInformation) {
    if (user.isLoggedIn() && user.hasPermission("SENSITIVE_PERMISSION")) {

The fixed version includes an additional authorization check to confirm the user has the required permission before granting access to sensitive data.

For more details on this vulnerability, you can check the following resources

1. The Jenkins security advisory on this vulnerability:
2. The ServiceNow DevOps plug-in for Jenkins:
3. The update center for the 1.38.1 version of the Jenkins plug-in for ServiceNow DevOps:


CVE-2023-3442 is a significant security vulnerability that requires immediate action. Don't put your sensitive information at risk - update the Jenkins Plug-in for ServiceNow DevOps to version 1.38.1 on your Jenkins server and rest easy knowing your data is protected.


Published on: 07/26/2023 19:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 08/03/2023 15:31:00 UTC