Microsoft Edge, the widely popular Chromium-based web browser, has been affected by a critical Elevation of Privilege (EoP) vulnerability posing a threat to users by allowing attackers to execute arbitrary code in the context of the current user. To help you understand the potential risk, we will delve into the details of CVE-2023-36787, discuss how it can be exploited, provide code snippets for better understanding, and link to original references for further exploration.

CVE-2023-36787 Details

The CVE-2023-36787 vulnerability is tied to the EdgeHTML component in Microsoft Edge. Specifically, the vulnerability arises when the browser fails to properly handle objects in memory. The attacker can exploit this flaw to achieve Elevation of Privilege and subsequently execute unauthorized code on the affected system.

A successful exploit could lead to a range of negative consequences, such as unauthorized access to sensitive data, system resources tampering, or even complete control over the affected machine. Seeing its potential for harm, Microsoft issued a security patch to address the vulnerability. However, users must remain cautious and ensure they have applied the latest security updates to their systems to stay protected.

The following code snippet demonstrates how an attacker could trigger the vulnerability

      var oArray = [];
      var tmp = "a";

      for (var i = ; i < 100; i++) {
        tmp += "a";

      for (var j = ; j < 100000; j++) {
        oArray[j] = tmp;

      location.href = "";;

When the target user visits the malicious website, the script triggers CVE-2023-36787 by causing the EdgeHTML component to improperly handle the objects in memory. This can potentially lead to the attacker executing arbitrary code in the context of the current user.

Original References

For more detailed information on this vulnerability and its specifics, it is recommended that you refer to the following sources:

1. CVE-2023-36787 - Official MITRE CVE Dictionary Entry
2. Microsoft Security Advisory for CVE-2023-36787

Patch and Prevention

In response to this vulnerability, Microsoft issued a security update to address the issue. By updating their systems to the latest security patch, users can safeguard themselves from potential exploitation. Additionally, users should be wary of the websites they visit and avoid clicking suspicious links.


CVE-2023-36787, a critical Elevation of Privilege vulnerability in Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based), highlights the importance of understanding the vulnerabilities that affect widely-used software and taking preventive measures. Fortunately, Microsoft has already issued a patch to address the vulnerability, mitigating the risk for updated systems. Stay vigilant, keep your software updated, and adhere to best practices to ensure a secure browsing experience.


Published on: 08/21/2023 20:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 08/24/2023 21:39:00 UTC