A critical vulnerability, classified as CVE-2023-3880, has been discovered in the Campcodes Beauty Salon Management System version 1., leaving numerous users exposed to potential attacks. This security issue was spotted in an unspecified component, specifically within the /admin/del_service.php file. As a result, this weakness could enable attackers to manipulate the editid argument, ultimately leading to an SQL injection assault. Even more concerning, this vulnerability can be activated remotely, and the exploit details have been made public. The vulnerability has been assigned the identifier VDB-235242, and in this article, we will examine the possible consequences, provide defense suggestions, and links to the original resources.

The following PHP code snippet shows the vulnerable component within the /admin/del_service.php file

    $editid = $_GET['editid'];
    $query   = "DELETE FROM services WHERE id='$editid'";

The code above displays how the editid parameter is directly interpolated into the SQL DELETE statement, making it possible for attackers to perform a successful SQL injection attack.

Exploit Details

Given the nature of the vulnerability, an assailant can craft a malicious URL containing a specially engineered editid parameter, triggering the SQL injection. The URL might look something along the lines of this:


Additionally, there is a potential for attackers to manipulate the attack to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data, perform unauthorized actions, or even potentially compromise the web application's underlying system.

Original References

To learn more about this vulnerability and how it was discovered, you can visit the following resources:

1. CVE-2023-3880 Vulnerability Details.
2. Campcodes Beauty Salon Management System Official Website.
3. VDB-235242 - Exploit Database Entry.

While an official patch or fix has yet to be issued by Campcodes to address this critical vulnerability, users of the Campcodes Beauty Salon Management System version 1. are urged to consider the following preventative measures:

1. Implement proper input validation for all user-controlled data, such as the editid parameter, to protect against SQL injection attacks.
2. Ensure your web application has up-to-date security measures, including firewalls and intrusion detection systems.
3. Routinely check Campcodes' official website and the mentioned resources for any updates or patches related to this vulnerability.
4. Consider employing a web application security scanner to identify vulnerabilities like SQL injection and other potential weaknesses within your application.


The critical vulnerability CVE-2023-3880, found in Campcodes Beauty Salon Management System 1., poses a significant risk to users of this software. The ability for attackers to remotely exploit this weakness through SQL injection makes it essential for users to remain vigilant and secure their systems. Taking the appropriate precautionary measures, staying updated on this vulnerability, and regularly seeking advice from security experts will be vital in mitigating this threat.


Published on: 07/25/2023 04:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 07/28/2023 18:22:00 UTC