CVE-2023-42946 is a security vulnerability that was discovered in Apple's operating systems. This vulnerability allowed an app to potentially access and leak sensitive user information. Thankfully, Apple has addressed this issue with improved redaction of sensitive data in the latest updates for tvOS, watchOS, macOS, iOS, and iPadOS.

Original References

Here are the original sources for the announcement of this vulnerability and the steps taken by Apple to patch it:

- Apple Security Advisory
- CVE Database Entry
- NIST Vulnerability Summary

Security Update Details

If you are using any of the operating systems mentioned above, it is crucial to update your device to the latest version to ensure the security of sensitive user data. Apple has addressed this vulnerability with improved redaction of sensitive information, which is included in the following updates:

Exploit Details

Although the specific details of the exploit have not been disclosed, an app utilizing this vulnerability was able to access and leak sensitive user data. This is a concerning issue, as it poses a threat to the privacy of users and their personal information.

To provide an example of how the improved redaction of sensitive information might look in code, here is a code snippet that demonstrates the patch:

func redactSensitiveInformation(_ input: String) -> String {
    let sensitiveKeywords = [
    var redactedInput = input
    for keyword in sensitiveKeywords {
        let redactedKeyword = String(repeating: "█", count: keyword.count)
        redactedInput = redactedInput.replacingOccurrences(of: keyword, with: redactedKeyword, options: .caseInsensitive)
    return redactedInput

In this example, the redactSensitiveInformation function takes a given input string and replaces any sensitive keywords with redacted text, ensuring that sensitive user information is not leaked or exposed.


It is strongly recommended that users of affected Apple operating systems update their devices as soon as possible to protect against the CVE-2023-42946 vulnerability. Keeping your devices up-to-date with security patches is critical for the security and privacy of your data. In addition, app developers should be vigilant in handling sensitive user data responsibly, taking care to redact private information when needed.

Stay safe, and always prioritize the security of your information in the increasingly connected digital world.


Published on: 02/21/2024 07:15:51 UTC
Last modified on: 02/22/2024 19:07:27 UTC