Another security vulnerability has been discovered, this time affecting the CedCommerce Recently Viewed and Most Viewed Products plugin. The issue is a Stored Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability, and it impacts versions 1.1.1 and below. If you're using this plugin, it's important to understand the implications of this vulnerability and update your plugin as soon as possible. In this post, we'll discuss the details of the CVE-2023-47646 vulnerability, provide a code snippet demonstrating the exploit, and share links to original references where you can find more information.

Exploit Details

First, let's dive into the specifics of this vulnerability. CVE-2023-47646 poses a risk to users with Shop Manager and higher roles. The Stored XSS vulnerability can be exploited by an attacker to execute malicious scripts in the context of the victim's browser. If an authenticated user (Shop Manager+) with the capability to add or edit products enters malicious code via the "Product Name" field, it can result in the Stored XSS vulnerability. The vulnerable plugin fails to properly sanitize and escape the content of the “Product Name” field, allowing the injection of malicious JavaScript code.

Here's a code snippet that demonstrates the exploit


By injecting this JavaScript code into the "Product Name" field, an attacker can potentially steal sensitive information, such as login credentials, personal information, or perform actions on the website as the victim. Keep in mind that this vulnerability only affects users with the Shop Manager role or higher - customers and regular users of your site will not be directly impacted. Nevertheless, the severity of the vulnerability should not be underestimated, as an attacker could use the compromised credentials to cause a significant amount of damage.

For further details about this vulnerability, you can check out these original references

1. CVE Details:
2. CedCommerce:

What Should You Do?

To protect your site from this vulnerability, it's essential to update to the latest version of CedCommerce Recently Viewed and Most Viewed Products plugin. CedCommerce has released a security patch in version 1.1.2, fixing the issue. If you haven't already, update your plugin immediately to avoid potential attacks. If updating isn't an option, consider disabling the plugin temporarily until you can update it.

Additionally, it's always a good practice to limit the capabilities of user roles within your website. Only allow Shop Managers and other higher roles to users who absolutely need them. By doing so, you can minimize the risk of having an attacker exploiting this vulnerability on your site.


CVE-2023-47646 poses a serious threat to websites running CedCommerce Recently Viewed and Most Viewed Products plugin version 1.1.1 and below. Shop Manager+ roles are particularly at risk due to this Stored XSS vulnerability. To mitigate the risk, make sure to update your plugin to the latest version and follow good security practices for user role management. Stay informed about the latest vulnerabilities and security updates to keep your site and its users safe from potential threats.


Published on: 11/14/2023 20:15:08 UTC
Last modified on: 11/17/2023 15:54:42 UTC