A new SQL injection vulnerability (CVE-2024-35082) has been discovered in J2EEFAST v2.7., an open-source Java Web development platform. This vulnerability specifically targets the findPage function in SysOperLogMapper.xml and gives the attacker unauthorized access to sensitive data in the application and the ability to execute arbitrary SQL code.

In this article, we will discuss the details of this exploit, provide an example code snippet, offer links to the original references, and suggest some measures to mitigate the risks posed by this vulnerability.

Exploit Details

The vulnerability exists in the findPage function in SysOperLogMapper.xml. SQL injection is a type of attack that allows attackers to insert malicious SQL code by creating specific input strings. In the case of J2EEFAST v2.7., the attacker may exploit the SQL injection vulnerability to extract sensitive data from the application or even make modifications to the database.

Here's a sample code snippet that demonstrates the potential SQL injection susceptibility in the findPage function:

<mapper namespace="cn.jeefast.modules.inter.SysOperLogMapper">
  <resultMap id="BaseResultMap" type="cn.jeefast.modules.inter.SysLog">
  <sql id="Base_Column_List">
  <select id="findPage" resultMap="BaseResultMap">
    <include refid="Base_Column_List" />
    FROM sys_oper_log
    WHERE 1=1
    <if test="operName != null and operName != ''">
      AND oper_name like CONCAT('%',#{operName},'%')

With this vulnerability, the attacker may inject malicious SQL code to manipulate the application's data and compromise its security, e.g.,:

operName = "') OR 1=1 OR ('1' = '1"

- NVD-CVE: https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2024-35082
- GitHub Issue: https://github.com/jeefast/jee_fast2.8/issues/28
- CVE Details: https://www.cvedetails.com/cve/CVE-2024-35082/


AND oper_name like CONCAT('%',#{operName,jdbcType=VARCHAR},'%')



2. Implement input validation and sanitization to protect against unvalidated user input that might contain malicious code.

3. Use server-side authentication and authorization to limit access to potentially vulnerable components.

4. Regularly update all software components and libraries to their latest, stable versions, including applying security patches.

5. Conduct vulnerability assessments and configure alerts to receive timely information about newly discovered vulnerabilities.


CVE-2024-35082, a SQL injection vulnerability in J2EEFAST v2.7., poses significant risks to the application's security and data integrity. By understanding the details and implementing the recommended mitigation measures, you can reduce the risks associated with this vulnerability and ensure the safety of your application.


Published on: 05/23/2024 17:15:30 UTC
Last modified on: 06/06/2024 17:25:15 UTC