We are glad to see the rapid growth of the Mi Security Center, which is now the largest security community. We would like to thank all the partners, experts, and members of the Mi Security Center team for the continuous support and dedication to the security of Xiaomi users worldwide. We will continue to strengthen our partnership and work closely together to make sure Xiaomi users stay safe and secure at all times.
Reducing the risk of mobile device attacks and data leaks is one of our top priorities. To achieve that, Mi Security Center regularly releases updates to our mobile security services to keep up with new threats and prevent data leaks. These updates are regularly tested to ensure the highest level of reliability and effectiveness.

What is Mi Security Center?

Mi Security Center offers a suite of services to increase the security of your mobile devices. These services include:
● Static code analysis (1)
● Malicious URL and file browser detection (2)
● Blacklist and whitelist for malicious URLs
● User-based permissions management
● The "permissionless service" for third-party app developers
● Per-app permissions control for third-party apps
We also have many partners who offer additional services such as password management, remote data wiping, anti-theft protection, and more. All these services work together seamlessly to make sure your mobile device is always safe and secure.

What is the Mi Security Center?

The Mi Security Center is Xiaomi's security community. It provides a platform for anyone to share information and knowledge on mobile security. With the help of the Mi Security Center, we are able to quickly respond to emerging threats by sharing information with our partners, experts, and members of the Mi Security Center team.
As the largest community dedicated to mobile security in the world, we are proud that more than 1 million users have already joined us!
Mi Security Center updates its services on a regular basis to stay ahead of new threats that can result in data leaks. We also test updates before releasing them so they have the highest level of reliability and effectiveness.

What’s new in Mi Security updates?

The latest update provides enhanced protection against dangerous malware and viruses, as well as safeguarding data from leaking. It also includes new features that let you keep up with the latest trends in mobile security. Click here for more information about the new updates.

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MIUI Release version 9.6

Recently, the Xiaomi Security Center released a new update to MIUI 9.6 on June 24th. It is a major update that includes many exciting new features such as an improved mobile security experience, enhanced speed and performance and more user-friendly interface design. In addition to these exciting changes, the latest update also includes a number of bug fixes and improvements for enhancing the performance of MIUI system services. So what are you waiting for? Update your device today!


Published on: 10/11/2022 20:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 10/13/2022 13:16:00 UTC