It is recommended to fix the permission issue in the component.

Oracle WebLogic Server

WebLogic Server
It is recommended to fix the permission issue in the component.
In order to fix the permission issue, it is recommended that you make sure that only the user who installed WebLogic Server has access to execute commands from it.

Install Apache Struts 2 with Wildfly .

The permissions for the Java Message Service (JMS) in the Apache Struts 2 jar file that is being used in this application are not set properly. This may result in users not being able to create or send messages. To fix this issue, please ensure that the permissions of the JMS connection-factory implementation bean have been updated to match the target environment, and that all of the web application's modules have been upgraded to Struts 2 2.3.10 and above.

Vulnerability Scenario

The vulnerability is related to a component that has the permission issue. The vulnerability allows attackers to execute code in the context of the victim machine.

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