Oracle has confirmed this issue and released a patch.



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Overview of CVE-2022-21587

When running SQL*Plus, a stored procedure or function that was invoked from within a packaged procedure or function results in an OUT OF BOUNDS error when exiting the package.


Oracle has confirmed this issue and released a patch.

Oracle is not the only company affected by CVE-2022-21587

Oracle has confirmed that their systems were affected by this vulnerability but this is not the only company affected by this vulnerability. This vulnerability affects how Oracle handles transactions and could potentially allow an attacker to perform many operations that Oracle normally wouldn't allow.
You should update your systems now as soon as possible to avoid being exploited by attackers.

Oracle has confirmed this vulnerability and released a patch

Oracle has confirmed CVE-2022-21587 and released a patch. If you are using Oracle programs, make sure to update your software as soon as possible.


Published on: 10/18/2022 21:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 10/18/2022 21:18:00 UTC