Therefore, users should be careful when using the unauthenticated access. If you want to exploit this vulnerability, you need to send an email to the provided address. The attacker could also create an account with the vendor and send an email to the vendor. This could be used as a phishing attack. If you want to protect yourself from this vulnerability, you should not click on any links sent by the vendor or any other email. Instead, you should create a new account with the vendor and send an email through the account. This would prevent the attacker from using this vulnerability as a mail-based attack. End-users should be cautious with email communication.

SQL Injection

SQL injection is a type of computer security vulnerability where malicious SQL statements are deployed in an SQL database command that allows attackers to gain unauthorized access. This attack can be used to extract data from a database.


SQL Injection is a vulnerability that can occur in software when an application improperly sanitizes user input. This vulnerability can allow an attacker to access data they should not have access to, leading to a breach of security.


Published on: 11/18/2022 08:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 11/22/2022 19:59:00 UTC