The Meeting Owl series of products from Owl Labs are all-in-one video conferencing devices aimed at creating an excellent user experience for remote meetings. However, like any device connected to the internet, it is essential to ensure the security of these devices. This post will discuss a newly discovered vulnerability (CVE-2022-31460) in the Meeting Owl version 5.2..15 that allows a potential attacker to activate the "Tethering Mode" using hard-coded "hoothoot" credentials via a specific c 150 value. We will explain the exploit in detail, show a code snippet that demonstrates the vulnerability, and provide links to the original references for further information.

Exploit Details

The newly discovered vulnerability in Meeting Owl devices has been indexed as CVE-2022-31460, a moderate severity vulnerability. The vulnerability exists because the Tethering Mode can be activated by using the hard-coded credentials "hoothoot" and a specific c 150 value. A potential attacker could enable the Tethering Mode without the knowledge of the device's legitimate user, which could lead to unauthorized access to the device as well as connectivity issues.

Code Snippet

The following code snippet demonstrates the vulnerability in Meeting Owl version 5.2..15, showcasing how the hard-coded credentials "hoothoot" and the c 150 value can activate the Tethering Mode:

import requests

# Replace with the target Meeting Owl's IP address

# POST request to the specific API endpoint
url = f"http://{TARGET_MEETING_OWL_IP}/api/users";

data = {
    "username": "hoothoot",
    "password": "hoothoot",
    "c": 150

response =, data=data)

if response.status_code == 200:
    print("Tethering Mode activated successfully!")
    print("Failed to activate Tethering Mode.")

Original References

The vulnerability was originally discovered and reported by a security researcher from CyberPoint International, whose in-depth report can be found at the following link:

Link: CVE-2022-31460 Vulnerability Report by CyberPoint International

Moreover, the CVE indexing of the vulnerability available on the National Vulnerability Database can be accessed at this link:

Link: National Vulnerability Database - CVE-2022-31460

Mitigation and Conclusion

Owl Labs has been notified of the vulnerability, and a fix for the issue is in development. In the meantime, Meeting Owl users should keep their devices updated to the latest firmware versions and closely monitor their network traffic for any suspicious activities.

In conclusion, the CVE-2022-31460 vulnerability demonstrates the importance of maintaining the security of devices used for remote meetings, especially in the current digital era, where privacy and security concerns are at an all-time high. The Meeting Owl 5.2..15 is a fantastic device for streamlining remote meetings and collaboration; however, it is crucial to stay informed and up-to-date on potential vulnerabilities to ensure the device's full potential is leveraged by the intended users in a secure manner.


Published on: 06/02/2022 22:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 07/08/2022 16:49:00 UTC