This can be done by forcing a user to log into the system via a remote attacker's system and then accessing the /card_scan.php?CardFormatNo= XSS with session fixation. This can be easily done via a phishing email or a direct request to the system via a web-based attack. The result of this XSS would be the attacker gaining access to the system with the target user's credentials.

Recommended actions if you are using this device. Upgrade the device to a non-vulnerable version as soon as possible.

Disable session fixation on the device by setting the variable _SESSION_ENGINE_SESSION_FIXATION_ON in the nginx configuration file.

in the nginx configuration file. If session fixation is enabled, disable it immediately.


IDS/IPS devices are another important security solution to consider. These devices can detect, classify, and respond to malicious traffic automatically. The result of this is a more proactive approach to security.
The downside of these devices is that they are often expensive and require extensive setup. In addition to the cost, they often consume a lot of power and have limited functionality in terms of network protection and detection capabilities.


Published on: 08/25/2022 23:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 09/02/2022 20:25:00 UTC