This vulnerability was fixed in version,, and 9.0.


This vulnerability was fixed in version,, and 9.0.

CVE-2022-32158: This vulnerability was fixed in version,, and 9.0
CVE-2022-32159: This vulnerability was fixed in version 8 of the Safari browser

Summary :

This vulnerability was found in the network service in Oracle Database Server. The vulnerability could allow remote code execution. This vulnerability was fixed in version,, and 9.0.

The SSL Vulnerability: CVE-2016-8610

A vulnerability has been identified in OpenSSL that could allow an attacker to decrypt data, forge digital signatures and conduct use-after-free attacks. This vulnerability is known as the "POODLE" exploit.
The issue was discovered by Google Project Zero researcher Michal Zalewski. The vulnerability was reported to OpenSSL on October 14th, 2014. A patch for this issue was made available on November 5th, 2014.

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A vulnerability was found in the AAM. Attackers could use this vulnerability to execute code remotely on a vulnerable system.

The company released an official patch for this vulnerability, along with a bulletin that outlined how it would address other vulnerabilities in the future.

Product: WordPress

A vulnerability has been discovered that affects the WordPress software and allows for arbitrary code execution. This vulnerability is a remote code execution vulnerability, which means that an attacker can send malicious code to the vulnerable system and cause the system to execute it.


Published on: 06/15/2022 17:15:00 UTC
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