An attacker can send a specially-crafted HTTP request to the aVideoEncoder endpoint to exploit this vulnerability. This vulnerability can be exploited by hackers to inject SQL code into database tables. In most cases, if SQL injection is exploited, it might lead to database takeover or leaking sensitive data. At the current phase, the vulnerability has been assigned a medium severity rating. However, it is recommended to update your aVideo 11.6 software as soon as possible. Once the vendor releases a patch, it will be made available via official channels.

aVideo Encoder Software Overview aVideo is a professional video editor for Windows and Mac OS X that provides advanced features for professional editing, including the ability to add 3D-effects. It also allows you to export your videos as mp4, h264 or avi without converting them. It has powerful video tools included and is compatible with most of the major formats, so you can make your videos available on YouTube or any other digital platform.

The aVideo Encoder software is a video encoder that helps users encode multimedia content in different formats such as MP4, H264 and AVC. It enables video editors to import videos from files or devices into the application and encode them in supported formats through an easy-to-use interface. The software also supports batch encoding, which allows multiple files to be encoded at once without having to export them one by one. The software also offers live encoding for use during big events by enabling a broadcaster to encode streams in real time and save them directly into their preferred format.
When using this software, it is recommended that you provide the highest level of security possible to avoid any attacks from hackers.

aVideo Encoder HTTP Response Splitting Vulnerability

The vulnerability was discovered in aVideo 11.6, which is a video encoding software. A vulnerability that allows an attacker to inject SQL code into database tables was found in the software. This vulnerability can be exploited by hackers to leak sensitive data or take over databases and needs to be fixed as soon as possible in order to protect your systems.
The vendor has released an update that fixes the issue, so it is recommended that you update your 11.6 software as soon as possible.

How to update aVideo 11.6 software?

There are two ways to update aVideo 11.6 software:
1) Update through the software's automatic updater, and
2) Download the most recent version from official website.
Please visit for more information on how to update aVideo 11.6 software.

aVideo Encoder All Instance Configuration API

The All Instance Configuration API is an endpoint that contains information about all the aVideo Encoder instances installed on a server.
An attacker can use this endpoint to send malicious HTTP requests to inject SQL code into database tables. This endpoint also accepts parameters for customizing settings for individual aVideo Encoder instances.
When using this API, it is highly recommended to set the authentication mode parameter to "none".


Published on: 08/22/2022 19:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 08/24/2022 14:30:00 UTC