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CVE-2022-38433 Adobe Photoshop versions 22.5.8 and earlier are affected by a Heap-based Buffer Overflow that could result in arbitrary code execution in the context of the current user.

On Mac OS X systems, the GoToMeeting application is prone to a Critical Vulnerability due to insecure use of HTTP proxies. A maliciously-crafted HTTP proxy request could be used to cause a crash or potentially execute arbitrary code with system privileges. Adobe recommends application users take the following precautions to
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CVE-2022-37835 Torguard has a vulnerability that allows an attacker to dump sensitive information, such as credentials and information about the server, without admin privileges.

The issue was discovered by researchers at Cisco Talos, and it affects all versions of Torguard, including the Windows and Mac versions. Depending on the settings of the server, this vulnerability could allow an attacker to read the contents of the server’s memory, obtain the server’s encryption keys,
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