In addition, this release also includes the following non-security bugfixes and enhancements: Support for multiple DNS settings in Firefox Preferences (bug 1322602). This bug was fixed in this release, but Firefox users may want to upgrade to the latest version to avoid potential DNS changes when using Mozilla’s browser.

The “Recent Tabs” context menu option now includes a list of recently closed tabs (bug 1359609).

Added support for the WebP image format (bug 1347071).

Fixed an issue where anti-virus software reported that a PDF file was infected when it was not (bug 1345129).

Fixed an issue where Firefox would crash when opening a PDF file from a certain email client (bug 1346405). This issue has been resolved in this release.

Fixed an issue where Firefox would sometimes crash when printing a certain PDF form (bug 1349501).

Fixed an issue where some users were unable to print from Firefox (bug 1350965).

Fixed an issue where the Firefox interface was displayed in Chinese when switching to another language (bug 1356958).

Fixed an issue where the browser crashed when copying and pasting a link to a PDF document in Firefox (bug 1357916).

Fixed an issue where Linux users were prompted to download an extension during installation (bug 1359910).

Fixed an issue where the browser crashed when loading a page with a certain

Why We Develop Firefox?

“Why We Develop Firefox?”

We develop Firefox because we believe that a browser should be the ultimate platform for personal expression and responsibility.

The Internet has the power to connect people, make the world smaller, let us share our thoughts, and experience life in a new way. With Firefox, you can control what you do online and who can see it. Our mission is to turn this potential into reality by empowering people with an open web experience that is privacy-respecting, socially responsible, and secure as much as possible. This is why we develop Firefox:

1) To provide the best web experience possible to our users;
2) To give users greater control over their privacy;
3) To empower users with tools to build a more inclusive internet for everyone;
4) To give users the ability to put their trust in Mozilla instead of another corporation;  
5) And finally, to create a browser that puts individuals first and respects them at all times.

What is Mozilla Firefox Release?

Mozilla Firefox is a free open-source web browser, created by Mozilla. It is available for Windows, macOS, Linux and Android operating systems.
The first release was made on November 9, 2004, under the name Phoenix.

What’s New in Firefox 52.0 beta?

The majority of the changes detailed below are all related to WebExtensions. As such, this release is a beta for WebExtensions only.

What is Mozilla Firefox version 52?

Firefox 52 is a free and open-source web browser developed by Mozilla Foundation for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and Firefox OS.
It was released on November 15th 2018.
Mozilla Firefox version 52 is mainly focused on privacy protection to increase user safety and security. Some of the new features include: "Off-Road Mode", "Focused Inbox", "fluent" tab switcher improvements and performance improvements.

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