In the example below, setting eTime to -1 would cause the application to crash: The application would then require further monitoring for any alert or exception messages if the attacker wished to exploit this issue.

form method="post" action="https://TOTOLINK.NR/"> input type="text" name="parentalRules" value="Weekly" required /> input type="text" name="parentalRules" value="sTime" required /> input type="text" name="parentalRules" value="eTime" required /> /form> SETTING THE eTIME VALUE TO -1 IN THE PARENTAL RULES FORM UPDATES WILL CAUSE THE APPLICATION TO CRASH.

-Set eTime to -1 in the application's form to avoid crashing.


Published on: 10/06/2022 19:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 10/12/2022 03:09:00 UTC